Three Most Important Words in Real Estate?

Automated Agent Recruiting System™

We help your office succeed by sending a constant, unlimited stream of new recruits directly to your door, saving you time, and keeping you busy with more important things!

This program is a proven method of lead generation pairing market centers with the right recruits. Market Centers across Texas are currently using our recruiting program with great success and now we're taking our program nationally.

Our History, Your Success

Tony Brodie was in the program since January 2012 for two years and was awarded Gross Recruiting Office of the Year in 2012 AND 2013! Forty Market Centers in Texas alone are using our AARS™ with great success and we are expanding nationally.

The AARS™ Proven Method

  • We generate recruits who need two things: a real estate broker and a real estate license. You supply the broker sponsorship and training and we supply online and on-demand real estate courses for licensure.
  • We refer these recruits to you and recommend they join Keller Williams Realty.
  • Once the recruits sign on to work with your Market Center, you refer them back to us and recommend they take our online real estate licensing and renewal courses!
  • We refer and recommend you. You refer and recommend us. Win/Win.

Here's How We Do It


After you sign up, we add you to our automated lead generating system, and open the recruiting flood gates.


Recruits are directed to our site through 5+ social networks, 10+ search engines like Google and Bing, and over 50+ job boards.


Recruits sign up for your career presentation, and an email campaign begins. They're kept updated the entire time.


We refer and recommend recruits to you, and you recommend they get licensed with us. Start getting more recruits now!

Thank you for the opportunity to help you succeed!
Your Institute of Real Estate Recruiting Team